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Shack (PA-Section)
On the left side, you see the 70cm Power-Amplifier. It is completely homebrew. The Transformer ist at 3.5 kW and weights about 40kg. The cavity bases on the concept from OZ9ZI, but is modified in several items. On the wall behind it there is the HF400-Relay which splits for the 2 cables up to the antenna. Beside The PA there is an old 2m Transceiver, homebrew @ 1985 will perhaps become reanimated for 10GHz ...On top of it there is the solid-state driver (2xMRF238) for the 70cm PA and the 12V/25A Power-Supply (both 100%homebrew). At the right side you see a new powersupply 3kV/1.2A with the perfect G2-stabilization by DL4KH for a new 70cm-PA-project. On Top the 23cm PA with 2x 2C39BA. Right of that a new commercial Cavity for 23cm with RS1064 (will come next)....

Shack (Working-place)
This is, where the operator lives...normally. The chair is turnable to the left (where you saw the TV in the picture above), hi.From the left side a tape-recorder UHER report, the TS790E, speaker, laptop and PC-monitor. Below the Monitor the ETM5C On top, a monitor for the front-door (don't hear ringing with headphones on,hi) and the controllers for the rotors.