New amateur radio sides


Self's building - 2el "Maria Maluca"

Self's building - Vertical "HF2V"

Self´s building - 10 Meter Qubical Quad

Self's building - Magnetic Loop

Self's building - UHF/VHF Dipole

Self's building - Capacitive Antenna

Self's building - Shielded Two-Wire Feeder

Self's building - CW with Computer

Self's building - Screening The Radio Station

Self's building - Coaxial Cables Traps

Self's building - Antenna Changeover Switches with Relays

Building guidance - Coercion

Building guidance - Corkscrew Aerial

Building guidance - Quad with Z tuner


DL7JV - Conception

Description of Station - Home

Description of Station - Portable

Statistics - Logbook

Info. - Amateur Radio Operating Technology

10 Meter Beacon List

Contestgruppe - DF0YY

Club - OV D08 in the DARC

My Small Flea Market Corner

InterNet - Disclaimer


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