Name - Christian Schneider, OP "Jan"

Residence - Berlin Schoeneberg - Germany

Coordinates - 52.50N, 13.35E

Amateur radio Locator - JO 62 QL

Radio hobby since 1978, amateur radio license since 1992.

Call signal - DL7JV ... DL7AUU, DH7AEY, DE7ATC (SWL), DL7AUU/ZL (1993/94).

My mode of operation - CW

My play meadow -  Contest

My present emphasis - HF antennas building and testing.

DARC  OV-D08 (Berlin Tempelhof), AGCW 2509, HSC 1830, DF0YY UKW Contestgruppe.


I hope that you my InterNet sides fallen and these information useful for you contains approximately around the amateur radio. 

If you should have questions or suggestions, write me please email.

Christian, DL7JV - 23.07.2007