QSL Gallery


  QSO with Ed in North Korea                  1st activity ever from Ducie Isl.



     My 1st contact with South Cook             Nice card from Botswana Africa



     My first contact with Mellish Reef  on 14Mhz CW



     Pacific Dream - Tuvalu Island                5 contacts with Baker Island 2002



     1st contact with Easter Island                 West Africa - Guinea



     best of Atlantic Ocean - Sable Isl.           Thomas @ Nova Scotia                           




     The Golden Land - Union of Myanmar Expedition August 2002



     Heart of Asia - Vietnam                          One of my South Pole contacts



     contact @ 1999 with Palestine              Caribbean Dream - Dominica Island  



     Antarctica QSO with Vostok Base          the pearl of Indian Ocean



     a DXers Dream - South Georgia             QSO with Ron @ Kabul,Afghanistan