A team of 6 hams (DJ2HD,DH3WO,DL7JAN,DJ2BQ,DG0UFA and SWL Susi)

     were active from Fehmarn Island IOTA EU128 for the International Lighthouse Weekend 2006


     We run as DA2006LH from 80-10m CW and SSB.

     QSL INFO is via DG0UFA or via buro         NO E-QSL, BECAUSE WE PREFER THE REAL STUFF!!!




    18th  August 2006      SET-UP

     19th  August 2006      ON AIR

     20st  August 2006      ON AIR     (till 22:00 UTC)

     21st August 2006       sk and back home to southern DL   


    The team did some more than 3000 QSO's within the 2 days on the island.

    Mainoperators were DL7JAN,DJ2HD and DH3WO.

    All CW operation by DL7JAN


       Lighthouse Staberhuk (FED-226)




   Lighthouse Staberhuk FED-226                                        Wolfgang,DH3WO in SSB action



   one of 3 stations inside the lighthouse                                      view to the baltic sea



   the TITANEX DLP-11                                                             beautiful landscape of Fehmarn Island EU028