Last Update:  08.03.2004

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Lord Howe & Norfolk Islands 

February 2004

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VK9LB  (Lord Howe)          VK9NB (Norfolk)

The QSL-card




This is the QSL-card of our

VK9L - DX-pedition!







This is the QSL-card of our

VK9N - DX-pedition!



The QSL-Info

QSL via the German QSL-bureau DARC to DL7AFS

or direct to:

Baerbel Linge, DL7AFS
Eichwaldstr. 86
D-34123 Kassel

Please remember if you will send several QSLs in one envelope, to include enough postage ...



DL7AFS, Babs and DJ7ZG, Lot  starts again another dxpedition!

We will be QRV from February 16th till February  27th from Lord Howe Island.

and from 29th till March 13th from Norfolk Island.

6m - 80m - mainly in RTTY, PSK and SSB  -  QSL via DL7AFS

Look on the usual DX-frequencies.


Any further news will be published on this homepage (published by DL2FAG): 

25-Jan-04  The last tour preparations are nearly finished.

10-Feb-04  Everything is prepared and the tour will start soon. Look for you on the bands.

12-Feb-04  Babs and Lot has start their tour today. The want to be active already on this weekend. Remember that they will run only with one TRX from LH (due to weight-restrictions on the flight). More info will be available on this side, when I get them!

16-Feb-04  During the weekend Lot has observed, the following times will be good for EU-openings (depending on the further condx):

  • 40m        18:30z - 19:30z     (SSB)

  • 30m        18:30z - 19:30z     (RTTY - 10.142 Mc)

  • 20m        05:00z - 09:00z

  • 17m        09:00z - 10:00z 

Further info will be publish as I get them.

17-Feb-04  Nice opening on 30 mtr; Lot had a nice RTTY-signal on 10.145 MHz around 19:00z 

18-Feb-04  No Online-Log will be available during the Lord Howe activity. VK9LB has now about 2500 QSO. Lot will be again tonite on 10.145 MHz around 19:30z. Next week he will be around 07:00z QRV for stateside on 30m RTTY. 

20-Feb-04 Lot plans to be active next week on 80m around 19:00z. Activity on 17m and 15m are restricted, due to some technical trouble.

23-Feb-04 Lot will be active for USA during the following times: 

                           10m   (28.495)      or      12m   (24.945)  between 23:00z and 01:00z

                           17m   (18.145)      or      15m   (21.295)  between 01:00z and 02:00z 

25-Feb-04 VK9LB will be active around 10:00z on 80m and at 11:00z on 30m in RTTY for NA. Last activity from Lord Howe will be on friday, 27-Feb-04.  No logs received yet!

26-Feb-04 VK9LB will finally finish his activity on 26-Feb-04 around 9:00z

27-Feb-04 VK9LB is now over!  Look for Babs and Lot next week from Norfolk Island as VK9NB

28-Feb-04 VK9LB logs are online!

29-Feb-04 Due to transportation problems to Norfolk island the VK9NB-dxpedition will be delayed.

01-Mar-04 VK9NB has start his activity

03-Mar-04 VK9NB will be tonight around 18:30z on 30m in RTTY for EU and around 11.00z for NA/SA

                Between 23:00z and 01:00z on 10/12/15m for NA/SA/AS

                Starting next week Monday with the 80m activity. Also the main RTTY/PSK-activity in the next week.

04-Mar-04 VK9NB logs till 03.March.2004 are online. The 30m activity for EU will be scheduled now around 19:00z 

05-Mar-04 VK9NB closed his 30m skeds due to the poor condx and no low activity on this band. The antenna will 

                 replaced by the upcoming 80m activity. 

08-Mar-04 VK9NB will be looking tonight around 18:30z on 80m SSB for EU; if no condx he move to 40m

                Next Log-Update of VK9NB implemented (till 7-March-04)

Norfolk Island


Lord Howe Island