Alfred Trossen
Longuich near Trier

Trier, the oldest and most beautiful town in Germany

Radio licence and callsign DL6YP
since 1951

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Studio and Radiostation DL6YP
More Info about oldtimer DL6YP and his biography

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KSC Florida .. Latest Photo 2001: DL6YP´s favorite vacation resort in USA
Indian River ..Scenic view overlooking the Indian River near KSC, FL.
Longuich-Info Pictures and informations about DL6YP´s homtown
Book Author...Book, pages, pictures - History of DL6YP´s homtown
World Photo...DL6YP´s photo archives: Outstanding locations of the world
Review 1951 ..Shortwawe Radio Transmitter, hombuilt in 1951 by DL6YP