Marcus DL6SFC


I am a Radio Amateur since 1992. I started with the call sign DH5SAN, and in 1994 I made an upgrade to CEPT Class 1, so DL6SFC is my current call sign. I am a member of the amateur radio group of the University of Stuttgart (AKAFUNK) and the Deutscher Amateur Radio Club (DARC), DOK P11.

Currently my favorite amateur radio activity is ARDF (amateur radio direction finding).


Amateur radio group of the University of Stuttgart (AKAFUNK) - Club Station DK0SU

Thesis: Application of the Parabolic Equation Method in ray co-ordinates for the analysis of dielectric lens antennas
If you want to send me a QSL card, you can do so via bureau (DARC). But as I have to admit, I look for new qsl cards quite seldom - so the faster way is to send me the qsl request by email with the qso details or directly to the address given below.

My email-address is (available as image only) (PGP-Key available).

Packet Radio (AX.25): mybbs may still be set to, but currently I don't look for packet mail any more - please use email.

Address Information:

Dr. Marcus Maier
Liebigstr. 2/6
73760 Ostfildern (Scharnhausen)

Former addresses, not valid any more:
- Württembergstr. 2, 73760 Ostfildern (Kemnat)
- Erlenäcker 1, 74245 Löwenstein
- Am Wallgraben 63, 70565 Stuttgart