On the left you can see my main antenna system, which consists of a KLM KT34-XA for 10,15 and 20m. 2.5m above is a rotary dipol for 40m parallel to the boom of the KLM. Another 2.5m higher is an A3WS for the WARC bands.This is a 3 ele beam for 12 and 17m and working like a rotary dipol for 30m. The tower has a total height of 24m.

The 6 Ele KLM Yagi has a boomlength of 10m and 6 active Elements on 28 Mc. On 15 and 20m 5 Elements are in use. The 40m rotary dipol is not fullsized and reduzed to 13m of length by coils. The A3WS on top is a very lightweight antenna with a total of around 10 kg. Although there is a lot of aluminium on the tower, you can`t notice any kind of coupling. Everything works fortunately very well.

Another shot from the tower base. On the left you can see one of the verticals of the 40m 4-Square, which is used as an alternative antenna to the rotary dipol on the mast. The complete tower is gammamatched for 80 and 160m operation. A total height of about 24m with some aluminium as toploading should be used as a vertical.....

At this picture you can notice the gamma wire to match the tower on 80 and 160m.

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