YL1050 PA for 432 MHz
(OZ9ZI design)

DUBUS 2+3/89 Archives
YL-1050 Datasheet

The mechanical description is very good and it is no problem to follow it. The housing and the special parts, which have to be made with a turning lathe, must be made by an expert. All other things can be done by yourself. I preferred to make powersupply- and PA-housing in separate and use standard 19" technique. It would be interesting to make the HV-supply by switch-mode, but first experiments with that failed. So I use heavy weight (50kg) transformator. With the power-supply I wanted to go my own way. I made some interesting experiences, which I want to share with the community.

600V Screen Supply
HV Regulator
YL1050 PA

600V Screen Supply by G3SEK (DUBUS 3/90 Archives)

G3SEK published a very interesting screensupply in DUBUS 3/90. The idea is to use a current source and a shunt-regulator in series. This circuitry is able to sink and source current.

Block schematic of Screen Supply YL1050

The circuitry survived some flash-over due to wrong tuning, but died two times. I think ist difficult to make everything "fool save" with that high voltages.
The PA is not easy to tune, you must follow the tips from OZ9ZI !

HV Regulator by DL8MX, DB1NV (AA5C)

DL8MX and DB1NV published a very interesting idea (from AA5C) to regulate the HV-output of a transformator in UKW-Berichte 2/88.
The advantages of this circuitry is, that the anode-voltage remains within +/- 150V (at 3kV rating), even if the mains goes down due to the high load. Second, you do not need start-up sequence for the transformer (let the ref. voltage of the comparator rise slowly after switch on).
This circuitry works very nice.

Block schematic of HV-regulator

PCB of the two circuits
PCB of Screen Supply
left PCB is HV-regulator, right PCB is Screen Supply and 12V/24V Supply

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