DL4YHF's Amateur Radio Software:
Temporary download site for Spectrum Lab

Last updated: December 2007.

More info about Spectrum Lab : http://freenet-homepage.de/dl4yhf/spectra1.html .
Web location of this file: http://freenet-homepage.de/dl4yhf/splitfiles/speclab.html
( caution, these addresses are possibly "subject to change" )

If you found this page somehow, without knowing what DL4YHF's Spectrum Lab is all about, please follow one of the links in the header. If you are here because you want to download this audio-analyzer, read on.

This temporary download site was set up in August 2004, because there was a serious bandwidth problem at QSL.NET where my amateur-radio-related software was hosted. In 2007, the situation with QSL.NET hasn't changed, so don't try to download Spectrum Lab from there (it won't work, and even if it did, the version you'll get is outdated).

To check if you are really downloading "something new", you may check the version by looking at the revision history in this file:

  • revision.txt (revision history, copied from sourcecode directory)

Due to a crazy 1.5 MB file size limit at the freenet server, the Spectrum Lab installation archive is split into these two files (as they say "freenet - Normal ist das nicht !" - did they mean this limit ?!)

Ok, the good thing about this crazy limit is you can carry the downloaded part home from the office on two old-fashioned floppy disks. Save the above files locally on your harddisk or on a floppy disk (one disk per file). To install Spectrum Lab on your PC later, unzip the files in one directory on your harddisk. After successfull unzipping, you must have all of the following files unzipped into one directory:

  • InstallSpecLab.EXE  (this is the installer, an executable file)
  • InstallSpecLab-1.bin (part one of the installation data, binary file, read be the installer)
  • InstallSpecLab-2.bin (part two of the installation data, binary file, read be the installer)

Again, make sure you have all of these files unzipped into one directory ("folder") of your harddisk.

Then start the first file (the executable) to install Spectrum Lab. After installation, you can delete the above "InstallSpecLab"-files.