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Recent changes on this homepage. Only for very curious visitors !

Summer - Autumn 2004:
Severe problems at my main site at qsl.net (no, I won't complain, its a free service). But to make downloads a bit faster and reliable, two "backup" sites at AOL and FREENET have been put up.

March 2002, 2003:
Spectrum Lab still growing. Added new links for the PIC keyer documentation.

January 2002:
New Spectrum Lab with phase meter and PSK31 "raw keying" output. Should now run under Windoze XP. The SmallPort utility by A.Weitzman now also used in the PIC programmer to make it run under XP.

December 2001:
Spectrum Lab V1.7 with stereo capabilities, PIC programmer supports new devices, etc

March 2001:
Latest Release of SpectrumLab is V1.64. Avoiding the  short name SpecLab now, because someone else decided to call his program "SpecLab" (meanwhile there are many Audio Analyzers out there, and we are running short of names hi).
Development of a 'DLL interface' which shall simplify the task of implementing new digital communication modes without having to mess around with the WinAPI soundcard programming.

November 2000 - January 2001:
Improved versions of the audio spectrum analyzer (now called Spectrum Lab).
Improved preselector for 136kHz now using CF300 (GaAs-FETs).

September 2000:
Changed the software archives, added a simple PIC programmer for WIN95.

August 2000:
Added the software download page (with audio spectrum analyzer description).

May 2000:
Heavy QRN on 136kHz gave me more time to update the homepages.... so added the schematics of the LF-preselector, also available as EAGLE-file (still preliminary).

April 2000:
Added some photos and a short description of a linear transverter for 136kHz. A few circuit diagrams will follow.

March 2000:
PIC Keyer project: Added a "beacon"-mode and possibly some other "goodies". Minor modifications of the firmware (new HEX and ASM-files available). A nice article from Göran (SM5AWU) with a translation of the keyer manual appeared in the Swedish QST magazine Nr.3, 2000, page 6 to 8.

January 2000:
Happy new year ! I Added a few links (for 136kHz information), changed the description of the PIC-keyer (tnx Stefan, OM8CD) and created a foto page of the club station DF0WD.

December 1999:
Source-Code of the PIC-Keyer and EAGLE-Files for the Keyer now included somewhere on these pages.

August 1999:
Used a new HTML-editor which told me my pages were not HTML-compatible. Changed the layout of some pages. And: found out, that the server uses case-sensitive filenames. Therefore all file names are now written in lower case. Grumble...

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