Luxemburg 1998

Sorry for my bad english

 Like every year since 1992 our little contest group went in november 1998 to the little city Beaufort

in Luxemburg for contesting in the WWDX CW-contest. The members of our group are Uwe (DL4SDX),

Ralf (DL5SEJ), Bernd (DL8SCG) and Jürgen (DL4SDW). The contest call in Luxemburg is LX/DL4SDX.

Our intention in doing contesting is not to win but only to have fun. Our things we took with to Luxemburg

were (like every year): the one half was radio equipment , the other half was Food. It is the neccesariest

thing every year in planning the trip, not what radio equipment we took with but what will we cook and eat

during the contest.

In 1998 we had the following Equipment:

Yaesu FT 990

Yaesu FT 757

SB 220-PA


2 Laptops (for logging and packet cluster)

2m/70cm - Radio for Packet

power supplies

some 100s meters of RG213 and RG58 coaxcable

and many other station accessories like

Keyer, Paddles, Headphones, World-Clock e.g.


10m Pneumatik Pole

10m Alu-Poles

Butternut HF6V

3-Element 3-Band yagi

Dipole for 160m


VHF/UHF-Groundplane for Packet-Radio


Nearly the same weight in Food.


We began our trip getting up early friday morning (2:00 am) and driving through the night to Luxemburg

where we arrived at 9:00 am. After having a little breakfast there we began to build up the antennas and the


The Beginning: getting all out of the car in the house

The Food

The first breakfast.

Uwe and Jürgen, building up the pneumatic pole.

The Beam and the 160m-Dipole

Now ready

Our "Antenna-Farm"

The Butternut

Ralf, at the beginning of the contest

Jürgen in Pile Up

Bernd not so happy (The Laptop`s memory was "overloaded" with 3000 QSO, so it tooks nearly 30 seconds to log 1 QSO).

The first million points

Bernd was sleeping while Jürgen worked the Japan-Pile-Up in the morning.

The secon evening, the butternut burns, because ice had shortened the dielectric.

Monday morning, building down the beam and the dipole.

Also the outburned butternut

Last Picture bevor departing.

The End

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