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           From  18th. Jan to 1st Feb  2000 i  visited the Philippines.

           I stayed at the home of Klaus  4F1RWW , thanks for all !

           Activity was hold on HF in CW/RTTY/SSB especially  WARC .

           I made 2150 QSOs ,it was nice to make the QSO with you.

                                            See you next time!

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                                       Logsearch now online!!

                                               DU1/DL4OCM   OC-042



                                     DU1/DL4OCM/7  OC-129

                                     I mad  101 QSO s in QRP

                                    unfortunately poor conditions!





     manila01.jpg (29134 Byte)             philmap.gif (20882 Byte)      

              My location Quezon City  nr Manila                          OC-042 Luzon Group on Map 3   x Quezon

                                                                                                OC-129 Visayas Group on Map 7  x  Cebu                            




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