.jpg Ulli operating LA0BY/p JO39PB

Active on VHF/UHF/SHF since 1979 with the focus on narrowband DX contacts via Tropo/Meteorscatter/EME etc. Meteorscatter expeditions since 1986 with activitys from: Y2/SM/LA/F/EA/CT/T7/YO and OJ0 (Market Reef)

Locator: JO41EV

Detailed information is here

4x14el. DJ7UD at VHF EME QTH in JO41GU. Station is operated together with DK3EE and DL8YHR

DL 3 YEL Ulrich Kratsch Mangelsdorfstr. 10 33330 Guetersloh Germany

August 2003: 2m Meteorscatter in the Norwegian mountains together with Stefan, LA0BY