Feedback about the Java Ham-Radio QTH ... applet

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Feedback about the Java Ham-Radio QTH ... applet

Jun 8, 1997 04:01 anonymous: type does_not_work
system : 2.0 (Win95; I; 16bit) with Netscape
netscape 16bit does not support java :-(

Aug 24, 1997 11:59 WB9SBD: type comment
system : 3.01Gold (Win95; I) with Netscape

Sep 5, 1997 7:40 type reply by the author
hi joe.
you are living near the border between EN43 and EN53 grid. square.

After i got your comment i found out, that the qrb applet added an offset of 1/24 th degree to all coordinates. That Offset moved you from EN43 to EN53 square. sorry.
Problemstatus: fixed

Aug 23, 1997 18:21:47 Chris from Mississippi type Question via private email
I have a question about your QRB.
I live in Mississippi and have been through Winona. It is shown on your detailed US map. It is only a little stop on the road. Why did you show that and not New Orleans?

Sep 5, 1997 7:40 type reply by the author
when i started the qrb applet, i had two detailed maps: europe and germany which i had created for myself because i live there.
since the page access counters indicates that about 30 percent of accesses came from the "non-detailed north america" map i decided to create a "detailed usa" map.

i have a database of the 2000 most important cities in the world including many cities in the usa . whe i put them into a map and zoomed to usa the result usa map was overcrowded with cities. :-( so i decided to take as many usa cities off the map until i found the result ok.unfortunately the string "New Orleans" overlaps "Savannah" so i removed New Orleans from the map.
since "Winona" is in my database and its string in the map does not collide with any other city it has not been removed. :-(

may be there is an other winona in the world and i typed the coordinates of the wrong winona into the database :-)
because recreating the detailed usa map would require about 90 minutes time of work i decided not to change the map ....

Problemstatus: postponed

Nov, 6th, 1997 23:50 GMT: Jim from California type Bug-Report via private email
[The QRB-Applet ... ] seem to be SP (short path direction) until I reach a position greater than 180 degrees in longitude is between myself and the other location. At this point, only the LP (=longpath) distance and bearing is indicated.

Nov 16th, 1997 23:28 GMT type reply by the author
thanks jim. you found a bug in the applet that i copied from my first qrb-turbo-pascal program written in 1989 :-(.
because of your the precise bug-description it was easy to find and remove the bug. thanks again.

Problemstatus: fixed

Dec 2, 1997 Tony, [email protected]: type does_not_work
system : 3.01 (X11; I; SunOS 4.1.4 sun4m), Netscape
There are no calc forms to type in, maps do not show QTH on status line. Sounds like a great idea.

73, Tony

Dec 16, 1997 anonymous type does_not_work
system : 4.0 (compatible; MSIE 4.0; Windows 95), Microsoft Internet Explorer
I got the message:
error: java.lang.AbstractMethodError: dl3bak/QthAppl.SetQth(Ldl3bak/Qth;ILdl3bak/QthAppl;)

Dec 25th, 1997 17:45 GMT type reply by the author
thanks tony, thanks anonymous.
I changed the inter-applet-communication between the map and the form that is neccessary to exchange grid-locations. I hope that this version is ok for SunOS-Netscape, too

Problemstatus: fixed for MSIE4.0, not testet with SunOS-Netscape 3.01