QRP - life is too precious for QRO

    A certain number of ham radio enthuisiasts do not own a house and real estate.
    But they are ham radio enthusiasts nevertheless.

    The fact that you live in a rented apartment is not the end for your technical hobby.

    In addition to that, certian countries' regulatory bodies put strict limits on the electric and magnetic field strength that
    transmitters put on their

    This may sound as solid blocking points for our beloved spare time.
    But we are an experimental radio service.
    And the experiments we perform may lie outside the pure RF technology as well.

With the above points in mind I implemented an approach which resulted in quite reasonable result.

The XYL and I, we rent a small appartment in the 6th floor of a 7-story building.
We have two balconies toward the south west.

This sound quite promising, but:
Certian People are quite nervous when confronted with "antennas" and "transmitters".
These "people" may be your neighbour, your landlady or the company that administrates the housing complex you live in.

Taking these thoughts into account a came to the following implemetation:


With the above setup and a maximum of 10 W RF output, I so far worked a total of 6 continents on 10 m, 12 m, 15 m, 17 m, 20 m, 30 m, 40 m and even 80 m.
Definetly, I will never be the biggest gun in the CQ WW DX contest.

But I can take part in world-wide ham radio and enjoy it even under the restrictions stated in the beginning.

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