modified pixie - only one af-amplifier stage

output power 400 mW (16V)
frequency range 3540 kHz to 3565 kHz
ant ist 40 m wire about 10 m up

the frequency is not very stable while transmitting and there ist a chirp too. thats the downside of the resonator. but you get a wider tuning range.

countrys worked since may 2003 :

dl, hb9, s5, ok, oe, 9a, f, pa, i, yl, ha, om, pa, sm, ly (& 29 qsos)

sidetone and rf-monitor

connected to the rf-output, this circuit will generate a 800 Hz sidetone. the rf is fed over the 330p cap to the rectifier. the created dc-voltage supplies the sidetone-generator. the pot must be adjusted for the optimum bias. this circuit will work only in a small rf-power (voltage) range so as well ist works as an output power monitor.


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