Locator: JN47SC

Stations worked on 136 kHz in normal CW

Callsign Date Time RST received RST sent Remarks
DF0WD 29.Apr.00 08:08 459 429 1st HB0/DL
DJ2LF 29.Apr.00 08:41 559 549 fb signal
DF0WD 29.Apr.00 09:42 449 439 wkd agn
DF7VX 29.Apr.00 10:07 - 429 qso not complete (qrn)
DK6NI 29.Apr.00 10:26 549 529 good cpy
DF7VX 29.Apr.00 11:00 339 429 nw cpy
PA0BWL 29.Apr.00 11:18 - 329 only heard
DJ7RD 30.Apr.00 06:30 579 549 fb signal
OK1FIG 30.Apr.00 07:42 - 439 only heard
DJ9IE 30.Apr.00 07:45 - 329 got no answer
DJ5BV 30.Apr.00 08:10 - 339 got no answer
HB9DFQ 30.Apr.00 08:51 559 559 1st HB0/HB9
DK8KW 30.Apr.00 09:40 - 529 suddenly diasppeared
DJ7RD 01.Mai.00 05:45 559 449 agn good cpy


Antenna: 2 wires 150 meter uphill. 2 wires 150 meter downhill.

Transmitter: 100 W output.

Receiver: TS120 V plus transverter , RF and AF filtering.


We had lots of problems with the ground system. When the LF-Station was connected to mains ground there was noise with s9. After disconnecting from ground the receiver was calm but when transmitting the equipment was hign voltaged. May be a few earthstakes would be the solution. We could not run more than 100 W because of flashovers at the downhill wires interfered the RF-Station which worked simultaneously.

The antenna current was about 2.5 A eff.

Orineted at the signal reports we received from DJ2LF, DK6NI and DJ7RD the efficiency factor was in an acceptable range. So I don`t understand the poor response.

The RX situation after 11:00 utc was very difficult because of strong thunderstorms in south germany area. We heared pa0bwl and ok1fig for a short time but no qso occured. We also heared and called dj9ie (many times) and dj5bv but got no answer. dk8kw answered a cq-call with a goor readable signal but suddenly disappeared. No G-station was heared during the weekend.


It was a nice weekend in HB0. The weather was fine and we had no rain. We managed over 4000 qso`s on the rf bands. We`ll surely vist hb0 again. May be 136 kHz will be activated again.

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