DK9SJ's Amateur-Radio-Homepage

Click to magnifyHi, I am Ulf Kumm, DK9SJ

Here some facts about me and my hobby: (last updated Jun 18 )

Callsign: DK9SJ since 1973, former call: DC1SW (1972 to 1973)
Location: QTH Stuttgart, Johannes-Krämer-Str. 34, Locator JN48nr, 48°44'20" N 9°9'25" E
Ex-Member of German Amateur Radio Club (DARC), Ortsverband Stuttgart P11, Distrikt Württemberg

Amateur-Radio Activities:
1. 1980-2005: Packet-radio on uhf, 9600 baud, experiments with very high data rates up to 1 Mbaud AX.25
2. 1973-2005: Local fm qso to communicate with my friends.
3. 1990-2005. Satellites with 38 kBaud downlink and associated hardware projects.
4. 1975-today: Shortwave CW on 20/15/10 m as far as there is time left.

My Antenna. Click to magnifyRig:
1. Packet-radio: TRX4S high-speed data transceiver to access node DB0ST, TNC3S (1200+9600 Bd) (inactive)
2. VHF/UHF FM: Handheld XCVRs (rare)
3. Shortwave: ICOM IC-720 transceiver with pa IC-2KL (500 watt) and IC-AT500 tuner, antenna: Fritzel FB13 Dipole.

About my Person:
Born 1954 in Stuttgart, sw-Germany. Education: Studies of electrical engineering (Dipl. Ing.) and communications (Dipl. Ing FH),
Work: Programming with Hewlett-Packard BASIC for industry, design and production of memory add-on for HP9000 computers (1985-90), general hardware development for industrial and amateur-radio use 1990 - today), Manager of gauging and inspecting authority in a water-meter factory.
Profession: manager of the company 'SYMEK', which is active in development of packet-radio controllers, transmitters and receivers for satellite + high speed data communication and similar equipment for amateur and industrial use. Consultant for facility energy management 
Honorary post activities: Member of the parish board Stuttgart-Sonnenberg, Advisor for environmental management and audit systems
I am married with Andrea, we have two sons: Simon (born 1986) and Valentin (born 1988).

Our house. Click to magnifyAddress etc:  
Ulf Kumm, DK9SJ, Johannes-Krämer-Str. 34, D-70597 Stuttgart
Phone: +49 711 7678-925 (office), -926 (home), fax: -924
e-mail (please copy manually):       ulf [email protected] kumm . name

vy 73! Ulf