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Willi in Vigsoe/Denmark




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The 30 Meter Tower with 20m 4el. Monobander and some wire antennas:

On top two crossyagi's for 2m and 0,7m. (ODX >2000Km to the Black Sea on 2)


And on the right the 16m totempool with 5el Monobander for 10m and 15m. On top a 4el 6m yagi. For local communication two vertical yagi's for 2m an 0,70m



More pictures are here and here and here and here and here  (600 - 900KB each).

Last update: 16.Aug.2003

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Autor: DK8XK


Wilhelm Freitag

Igelweg 3

D-21365 Adendorf


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