50MHz-Transverter 10m/6m

70MHz-Transverter 10m/4m modified by Julian, G8HCZ see down

This transverter was built in 1994, a discription in three parts (german language) for DOWNLOAD as PDF-files. Circuit, printed-boards and layouts in the files

  Download Part 1              Download Part 2              Download Part 3

New: Translation in English by Anwar, DL5DBM, Download as ZIP-File



RF-amplifier with FET BF256C, Mixer with MOSFET BF961




Crystal  22MHz, one stage


Push-pull 2x BF256C, amplifier BF961, driver 2N4427, output 300mW


300mW input, max. 6W output

Transistor 2SC1306

Left filter for 50MHz


Input level can be reduced from 5W at 28MHz to a level of about 100mV/50Ohm for the TX-mixer.

The used TRX is a FT-890.

70MHz-Transverter 10m/4m modified by Julian, G8HCZ 

The 50MHz-transverter was modified by Julian, G8HCZ for 70MHz. H  e uses a 14MHz-cystal, tripled to 42MHZ and mixed with 28MHz for operating on 70MHz.

He describes the modifications with circuit-plans, which I have loaded as PDF-File.

For Download as PDF