7-Element stacked




7-Element-Yagis by DK7ZB in 28-Ohm-Design stacked for the 2m-Band

These yagis and groups were designed with YO7.23 from K6STI and checked with EZNEC from W7EL. With a gain of 14/17/20dBd they have a good relation between gain and mechanical problems. A small elevation rotator (KR-500) can be used with the H-configuration 4x7 for satellite or EME-QSOs. The 17dBd are enough for EME with WSJT! The stacking distances are 3m for both planes and still handy. 

The vertical stacking of 4 Yagis gives an excellent contest group with a very low vertical elevation.

The 8x7-Element group is a very high gain array for EME or terrestric work, such groups are built by OL7C and RW3AW.

The described methods for the stacking can be used with other Yagis, too!

The radiation resistance of each Yagi is 28Ohm, the DK7ZB-match is used for 50-Ohm-feeding. The pictures are screenshots of YO7.2.

This 7-Element-28-Ohm-DK7ZB-Yagi has the highest gain and best F/R for CW/SSB/EME-use between 144 and 144,6MHz.

EME from Uruguay!

The 4x7-El.-28-Ohm-Group

built by Ricardo, CX2SC

Link to VE7TIL with additional informations for EME: http://www3.telus.net/sthed/eme/

Elementpositions and -lengths: Radiator 12mm, parasitic elements 10mm, 8mm or 6mm

mounted with Polyamid clamps (see details for the other 2m-Yagis), updated data 08/2006

  Ref Rad Dir 1 Dir 2 Dir 3 Dir 4 Dir 5
Position 0mm 320mm 595mm 1145mm 1825mm 2615mm 3260mm
Length(10mm) 1008mm 965mm 937mm 912mm 892mm 894mm 884mm
Length(8mm) 1010mm 964mm 944mm 919mm 900mm 902mm 887mm
Length(6mm) 1014mm 964mm 952mm 928mm 909mm 911mm 896mm
Length(4mm) 1014mm 967mm 960mm 938mm 920mm 923mm 908mm

Gain, F/R, SWR and Z between 144,0 and 144,6 MHz for one Yagi

Element-current profile for 144,3 MHz

Horizontal pattern for one Yagi

Vertical pattern for one Yagi