Construction Details




Dualband 12/17m





Dualband 10/15m

DK7ZB-Dualband-Beam 12/17 m

The beam has only one feedpoint with 50 Ohm and has an open-sleeve element for 12 m

12 m: 4,39 dBd     11,5 dB F/B

17 m: 4,15 dBd   11 dB F/B




The Yagi built by 

Marcos, PY2MR


The Yagi built by 

Nelu, YO9DL

The 2-El.-Open-Sleeve-Yagi built by 

Phil, ON4TA



The measurement of the SWR by Phil, ON4TA.

He reports no tuning on 17 m, resonance as expected. The dip on 12 m was a little bit to high and can be shifted with the 12-m-open-sleeve-radiator.



The Dualband-Yagi

 built by 

Tomas, OK1DXD



The scheme of the beam with the currents for 24,9 MHz

Element lengths for the two bands, keep the outer tubes 15 cm longer for the overlap. The open-sleeve-element for 12 m and the reflectors can be mounted direct above the boom (metallic connection), but do not use big metallic brackets. This can detune the beam!

Feeding with a current balun

The mechanical soultions for the element holding from Nelu, YO9DL

The element construction of Marcos, PY2MR