neu.gif Deutschsprachige DX-Szene

That's me, AJK, Anton

Member of DARC e.V., the German Amateur Radio Club

Member of adxb-DL e.V., my favorite broadcast listener club

President of AGDX e.V., the umbrella organisation of German speaking broadcast listeners' clubs

Member of KWFR e.V., Kurzwellenfreunde Rhein-Ruhr

Member of UKW/TV-Arbeitskreis der AGDX e.V.

A few of my favorite links - if you were interested:

Digital Signal Decoding, RadioRaft

Radio Listening Post in Reston, VA, USA

Radio Listening Post in Huddinge, Sweden

The Unofficial Haitian Home Page

Home of Haitian Music, Konpa OnLine

A Miles Davis site and the discography book

Ever heard Sun Ra?

Le rhum des rhums - Barbancourt

Le site des Shadoks - c'est super!

Radiodiffusion Télévision Sénégalaise

Homepage with Indonesian Radio

Anything else you want to see here?

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