callsign: DK5AN

name:    Dr. Ralf Nielbock
qth:        Im Strange 12, D-37520 Osterode am Harz

callsigns: ex DC1AN (1970-72),    DK5AN (since 1972),
                 ex DK5ANA
(1975-80),  JY8AN  (1982/83)
swl:          DE5ANA  (since 1968)

Member of DARC since 1968, of DIG since 1972.
Since 1997 also 1. Op. at a clubstation:
DFØERZ (Harz-mountains mining-museums);
later until now also: DK0GEO and DD0D

starting in 1990: DK5AN/p from EU128  (Fehmarn-Isl. Baltic sea) 

born: 1954, profession: geologist

: DIG 578, IGARAG 173, AGCW-DL 2775, IOTA-capter-DL058

hobby in hobby: cw-activity,   qrp on warc-bands,
                                digi: psk/rtty/jt65,  6-m activity

DOK: H19; loc.: JO51cr (old FL22h); ITU28/WAZ14

RIG: sw: FT450, FT100 for /p
         ant: FD4, 3-ele-Beam 10/12/15/18/20/
        6m:  3-el
        2m:  FT221 , gp, 7-el
  430mc:  FT2700rh, gp 17-el  ly




In 1990 it was possible for DL-hams to operate from the GDR as Y2/, I took part!