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Photo Gallery:


Thailand-Rundreise 2016 - Google Maps


Teneriffa - November 2014

Ko Samui - Januar 2014

Moskau 2013

Südafrika - Januar 2013

Fuerteventura Nov. 2012

Vietnam März/April 2012

Gran Canaria 2011

Namibia - Nov./Dez. 2010

Phuket 2010

Mauritius 2009

Peking 2008

Helgoland Mai/Juni 2008

Seychellen 2007

Rhodos 2007

AIDAdiva Schiffstaufe in Hamburg am 20.4.2007

Emirate und Oman Oktober 2006

Neuseeland (Südinsel) Januar 2006

Neuseeland (Nordinsel) Januar 2006

Dubai im Januar 2006

Hausbootfahren auf der Müritz 2005

Madeira im April 2005

Neuseeland 2004

La Gomera 2003

China 2002

Jamaica 2002

Korea / Japan - Fussball-WM 2002

Canada Special - Leichtathletik-WM 2001 in Edmonton

Australia Special - Olympics 2000





Some information about my home city:

 Hamburger Wappen

Hamburg / Germany

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QRZ callsign lookup:

DK3UD in his radio shack

My name is Manfred Lange and I live in Hamburg, Germany. I was a video-engineer (retired) and my hobbies are hamradio, computer, digital photography, video.


Central European Time (CET)


My present radio and computer equipment:


Activity: Equipment: Antennas:
VHF / UHF Kenwood TS-2000, Alinco DR-590, IC-7TE, Packet Radio with TNC2-multi with 9k6, Yaesu VX-5R, Kenwood TH-F7E, Yaesu FT-8900, ICOM IC-2820 D-Star, IC-E92

2 vertical groundplanes Comet


Kenwood TS-990, TS-2000, JRC JST-135, ICOM PCR-1000 receiver, PAKRATT PK232 and SCS PTC-II for PACTOR and AMTOR, AOR-3000, SGC Mac-200 Tuner, ICOM IC-7000, Tuner MFJ-976,

SunSDR MB-1 (Expert Electronics)

Dipole for all bands (2x20m) as inverted-V, Outbacker "Perth" and "Little Tarheel 2" as mobile antennas, GAP Eagle vertical

Intel Core i7 3,4 GHz , 32 GB RAM, 1.5 TB Harddisk, 2x27"-TFT-Monitor by LG, Netbook Medion Akoya, 10", Win 10, 320 GB Harddisk, Notebook SONY VAIO F-Serie, i7, 8GB RAM, 500 GB Harddisk

D-Star, DMR, C4FM DV4Mini Ambe, DVstick 30 with software BlueDV for Windows


Have a look at the following websites...


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Personal homepages:
DK3UD-Website at QRZ.COM
VE7HFY - Peter Kupsch - Smithers B.C. - Canada
OE7HNT - Georg Sassermann- Arzl / Tirol / Austria


I hope, you have enjoyed this page. If you have any suggestions or informations, please send me a message. 


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