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Member of VFDB, DOK: Z10
PLEASE USE MY LINK TO THE ***HELL-Verein Kiel*** - Dr.-Ing. Rudolf Hell, who on December 19th 2007 would have celebrated his 106th birthday, is a major inventor of the modern age. His technical achievements and inventions have played a major role in shaping the face of today's media world Dr.-Ing. Hell is the inventor of fax technology and a pioneer in the field of telecommunications. He put in place the key pillars needed for mechanizing, rationalizing and enhancing the quality of modern media technology.

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  • RIG:

    • HAGENUK 1510 (Picture)
    • 2x YAESU FT-1(ONE)
    • ICOM IC-7400 (746pro)
    • Kenwood TS-850 SAT
    • YAESU FT-902DM Line and many others...- also VHF and UHF
    • Antennas GPA and Dipoles 27 mtr.above the ground
  • Specialy interested in Commercial Marine Radios like:

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    GERMAN NAVY - Destroyer LÜTJENS D-185 Main Radio Room -October 2003-

    GERMAN NAVY - Destroyer LÜTJENS D-185 Operations Room -October 2003-

    Coast Station KIEL-RADIO 1946-1950 in Kiel-Hassee

    The old Story about the "mystic" CFA-Antenna at my QTH

    written by Jack Stone from, June 2001

    The pictures below were taken by Frank Schlünsen, DK1LX during April 2001 of a CFA in Kiel. The coordinates are: 10° 04'' east 54° 20'' west and the broadcast frequency is 612 kHz. As reported previously some months ago, our sources advised that the station had been abandoned. Apparently the station is back in operation if the pictures here are to be believed! The white arrow points to the tiny speck in the left picture which is the CFA sitting between the towers. The picture on the right shows the close proximity of the large tower in the background.


    The above pictures were received in May 2001 from Frank Schlünsen, DK1LX of Kiel who lives near the station. Below I share the message received from Frank who continues to investigate the situation of the "Ghost CFA".

    "... Dear Jack!
    I am living for a long time in Kronshagen/Kiel (Germany) near an antenna installation. This transmitter station is controlled by the local broadcast authority. My activities as radio amateur collide at times with the activities of the professional broadcasters. Normally they win any argument or silently change their filtering networks to avoid the unwanted emissions that cause interference to me. Assuming that a big job of refurbishing the masts caused trouble to the settings, I suffered again, but investigated. I was very exited to discover during an excursion by balloon an unusual structure in the middle of the place. (See picture taken from above Kronshagen for your personal use.) The site is well fenced and only by peeping through some free holes in the fence I discovered the unbelievable: A hidden Crossed Field Antenna at my doorsteps and I did not know!

    My investigations continued in all directions. With help of a language translator service for English/German/English. And finally your website was found. The inquiry to the Broadcast authorities put me onto a non-government group headed by Mr. Gross as project manager/owner that operates the system. I am confused, because from nearby hotel employees and other people and neighbours I got more information than from above sources. It seems that delegations came to the antenna and sessions with building of an identical twin took place in a nearby yard. Whether it is them that took readings aloft from another balloon or aircraft  is investigated by me. I am often busy travelling, but will put up monitoring equipment to trace the sporadic high level variations of RF in this area.

    Please help me by openly calling for advice among your friends to uncover this strange situation completely. You are welcome to publish one of the shots taken from public ground. Hoping for your help. Frank Schlünsen, DK1LX ..."

    We'll continue to correspond with Frank and see what further developments are derived from that Ghost station! Perhaps we'll hear more about it from others as well. Dr. Kabbary has made no mention of the project.

    antenneX made by Jack Stone - with more articles about the CFA's - you can find under
  • Homepage antenneX

  • Photo from "my" CFA - taken June 27th 2001

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SUCHE HAGENUK E75K und E80K Allwellen-Empfänger sowie Hilfsbuch für Entstörer 1.- 3.Auflage (Kurt Kabatt)