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Mir Packet & SSTV

Mir is actually sending 1200 Bd packet signals (PMS system) or Robot-36 SSTV-Signals on 145.985 MHz ± abt. 3 kHz Doppler shift.  The signals are strong up to an S9+ on simple vertical antennas.

Mir,   ISS Kepler Elements (NASA)

extract of a Mir packet trace

The packet radio mailbox PMS aboard the Mir

Ground track at 31'th of Jan 1999 (105 kB)

Ground track over Jülich  31'th of Jan 1999
Soundtrack of a typical SSTV transmission (MP3, 32 kB) Sound track of ta typical SSTV transmission

SSTV picture from space station Mir (21 kB)

And a picture received from Mir with a 2 m vertical antenna

More Information on the Mir SSTV project

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Space shuttle & ISS


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