welcome at the  V H F / U H F / S H F  H o m e p a g e    D J 8 M S

     Homepage  DJ8MS (ex DG5TR)

              Amateur radio homepage of Toralf (Tor) 


                          VHF-UHF-SHF Station

             Member of  DARC          DOK:  V15  (Guestrow)

             Home-QTH: JO54uc                         last change:  13.01.2024 (600)

TRopo, AURora, MeteorScatter, Sporadic E, SATellite, EME, RainScatter

         qrv: (shortwave, 6m,) 2m, 70cm, 23cm, 13cm, 3cm

                              98.8% VHF & UP


      please do not use post address printed on my qsl

         for any direct qsl , have a look on QRZ.COM


 "Hall of fame" - expeditions: worked  35 new # on 2m (2001-2012)

   activated by OH8K crew ! thanks a lot for extraordinary MS-activity !!!


           !!! THIS PAGE IS UNDER REBUILD !!!

The earlier host closed down, now I have to rebuild my websites...

... mostly more important things are on the way. :)



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