Pitcairn Island 2000  

Jukka, VP6BR, have his new amplifier running. Nice
pile ups with a lot of EU stations on 80m.

The 11th of April brings the big surprise. Finally we could work

Jukka on 160m. This morning he had a real sunrise peak at this

location. But very fast fading, you can hear a part very loud than 

he goes down again. The signal sounds like a YoYo...

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Filename Date Time
VP6BR CW on 3799
0400 UTC
VP6BR still CW become louder
0420 UTC
VP6BR on 80m SSB
0500 UTC
VP6BR vy loud on 80m CW
0445 UTC
VP6BR on 40m CW
0500 UTC
VP6BR finally on 160


0350 UTC