Fehmarn Island  East Sea  EU-128   its called the sun island

           I was  6 Times  on this nice Island for  Ham Radio and Geocaching
            made more than 2800  Radio contacts and found over 200 Caches ...

       Fehmarnqsl    fehqsl

       STrand     strand2
Beach >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
     brucke    leucht
Famous Fehmarnsund Bridge                         One    Lighthouse on the Island

  Hafen   uBoot    
             Im Hafen von Burgstaaken >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>  U Boot Museum
Radio2    Schne      
  My Radio Station  IC706 Ant. 8M Vertical  Fishing Route            Special  Escargot Geocache  hihi Thanks Erhard

3mille  baumer
My  Cache number 3000. i found on Fehmarn Island !!!!           Erhard climb in a tree for a Cache  he is 60 + +  Thanks !

                                                       Rent  a room   Ham Radio friendly