My name is Klaus Boje von der Heide.
Klaus and Boje are first names and von der Heide is the family name. I explicitely say that because I gathered a large and funny collection of letters naming me Mrs. Dr. Heide von der Klaus or simply Sehr geehrter Herr Dr. von, .

Some Personal Data

Born in 1941. Radio Amateur License since 1959.
I studied Physics, Mathematics and Astronomy at the University Hamburg.

Current Position

Retired Professor of Computer Science at the University Hamburg

Personal Interests

Digital Communication in Amateur Radio, Coding Theory and the whole world of nature.


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Location of DJ5HG

Klaus von der Heide


Seestr. 128 - 129

53 31' 58.5", +10 40' 27.9"

D - 21514 Güster


For private communication:

DJ5HG "at" v-d-Hei "dot" de

For University-related messages:

heide "at" informatik "dot" uni-hamburg "dot" de