My station is located in Moosinning (JN58WG), a village near Munich in Bavaria. The equipment comprises a TH11 beam on a lattice tower for 10 - 20m and a dipole for 40-80m driven by an old ICOM 751 with a few modifications. For 2m and 70cm yagis are mounted on top the beam - together with the SSB-electronics pre- amplifiers - passing the signals to an ICOM 275H and ICOM 475H transceiver.

Diamond X300 and home-made ringos plus discone and short yagis for packet radio, general purpose receivers and fm transceivers complete the equipment.

Working at BMW in Munich from time to time I also use the DL0BMW club station there.

My wife Sabine DJ4YP shares my interest in ham radio - but preferably works on her paintings, which you can see on her web site.

Update January 2013: back online again, my 3 year old K3 is waiting for me. I bought it and beginning later this year I will have enough time to put it to work and enjoy Ham Radio again.

vy 73, Fritz

In order to contact me, visit my personal web site

last modification: Jan. 2013