QRGDB for Yaesu FT-817


QRG_DB is a database for the Palm OS computer to control a Yaesu FT-817 Transceiver via the CAT interface.
The FT-817 is a multimode multiband portable transceiver for HF,VHF and UHF operation. Since the rig with its knobs
and display is very small the software makes all the handling more convenient.

Other Transceivers using the YAESU CAT protocol should work with this software as well..


After starting the program you will see a Database_Form with  a list box and 4 buttons. Tapping on one item in the list box the
frequency will be changed immediately. With the "T"  Button you will leave this form end enter the Tune function.
The "I" Button shows program information. With "Imp" you get the Memo-Import dialog.
The "load" Button refreshes the list box. Normally the program refreshes the list box by itself if necessary, i left in this state
sometimes the list box doesn't show the right category.

The Tune  function will show the frequency and the editable comment line. The three arrow tune buttons will change the frequency in the selected
steps. The other arrow buttons will change the fr in 10 and 100 Hz steps.  frequency can be entered with the keypad. Use "E" to set the frequency.

If you made any changes in this form you can store then in the current record with "Sto". "New" will add all changes in a new  record.
"Del" removes the current record from the database. "Exit" returns to the Database_Form.

After starting the program or making any changes in the database or selecting another category the list box has to be updated which may take a
few moments. (PocketC in not so fast.).

Memo Entry:
Via the Memo pad data can be imported from any source. The Memo entry must begin with "QR." in the first line.
Each entry begins with the frequency followed by operating mode, category and a comment. Return terminates the line.
The unit of the frequency is in KHz in necessary 100 an 10 Hz are separated by a dot.
All entry's  must be separated by a comma.
By using the import function all lines in the QRG Memo are added to the database.

1801,am,bea, PY2AMI  Americana SP   GG67IF    5    Inv. V           A1    OP?
102400.00,fm,bc, einslive
144850.01,fm,pct, aprs
1814.4,cw,bea,W3RGQ   Berwick Pa     FN11UB

Possible Categorie entry's.
All,Navigation,Repeater,Broadcast,FM Stations,Airband,Sea,Emergency,Satellites,Weather,Beacon, Ham Radio,Fax,QRP Freqs

Possible operating modes:

The current beta version is freeware and limited to 50 records.
Download qrgdb.zip, the archive contains the program qrgdb.prc, a sample database qrg_db.pdb and  the runtime library PtoolboxLib.prc.
Install all the three files on your Palm or Palm Emulator.

You must set the CAT-Rate on your transceiver to 9600 Baud. (Menue #14). For the connection between Palm and Transceiver you need your
Hotsync cable and a simple adapter like the one described below.
Here is a simple CAT Interface for YAESU Transceivers
CAT cables are also available from YEASU as accessory.

Thanks to the authors of PocketC, Ptoolbox and Palm OS Emulator  who made the project possible.

PocketC  form Orbworks  http:\\www.orbworks.com
Ptoolbox from J.Stadolnik    http://www.geocities.com/retro_01775/ptbody.htm
Palm OS Emulator  http://www.palmos.com/dev/tech/tools/emulator

if you have any questions or suggestions please mail to [email protected]