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Flight 4 - 1R

Launch Date:
8. Jul. 2000
Launch Vehicle:
Russian Proton Rocket
Service Module
  • The Service Module is the primary Russian station contribution and an early station living quarters. It provides life support system functions to all early elements.
  • Primary docking port for Progress-type cargo resupply vehicles.
  • Provides propulsive attitude control and reboost capability for early station.
The Service Module will be the first fully Russian contribution to the International Space Station and will serve as the early cornerstone for the first human habitation of the station.

The module will provide the early station living quarters; life support system; electrical power distribution; data processing system; flight control system; and propulsion system. It also will provide a communications system that includes remote command capabilities from ground flight controllers. Although many of these systems will be supplemented or replaced by later U.S. station components, the Service Module will always remain the structural and functional center of the Russian segment of the International Space Station.

Physical Description: