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Welcome to DF5KX!

Amateurfunk is international. Please refer to
df5kx.de to see this site in German...

Here are some infos about me and my Ststion ("RIG")

Antenna Layout at DF5KX, Bonn

Antenna Layout at DF5KX, Bonn

Antenna Layout at DF5KX, Bonn


DF5KX (CEPT Class 1)


Bonn / Germany JO30OR

License test:

OPD (now RegTP) Cologne / Germany

OP Name



1983-12-09: CEPT Class 2 (DD9KM)

DOK History

G03, G52 - today G25


2002-04-19: CEPT Class 1 (DF5KX)

Additional Calls:

2002-07-10: CEPT Class 1 call for educational use (DN1KX)


2004-01-14: call for reception reports "short wave listener" (SWL CALL) (DE1KXX)

RIG 1 Home: 

HF: Yaesu FT767 GX (HF/VHF/UHF)

 HF Ant: R8, Windom Inverted V, Double Zepp


PA: Magnum ME800, Collins 30S-1




 UHF/VHF Ant1: Collinear vertical X50


Keys: RFT EMT567 (Bug) and a mil key.

 VHF/UHF/SHF: Collinear vertical X7000


HF: Yaesu FT 757 GX

HF Ant: Hustler Antenna Set, Double Zepp


V/UHF: Icom IC2350H

V/UHF Ant: Diamond SG7000, SG7900

My favorite modes are CW and SSTV. To me cw is something like an international language. Some nice SSTV pics shall be online soon...

Now: If you wish to explore some more about me, click the icon below, and you'll be taken to my homepage at chrislive.de.

Special Link: Please check this http://www.qsl.net/dk5ke/ as due to DK5KE, Ludwig in Großbüllesheim and his side containing useful hints and the cw training software cwt 18.0 I finaly made it to class 1.

Anyway: Thanx for surfing by.. My HAM-Radio E-Mail Adress is [email protected] Last Update: January, 16th, 2004

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