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Hellmut Landolt

Wingertstr. 114

D-63477 Maintal


Tel: +49 (0) 6181 45293


About DF5FF:

In the year 1960 , when I was 11 years old, I got a radio-receiver with shortwave. There I heard dj5lu in a qso at 40 meters in AM Modulation. His qth was not far from me and I visited him to take a look to his equipment. He told me about ham-radio an I was faszinated about it. Some month later I built my first short wave radio receiver kit with BFO where I could watch CW and SSB stations. At 14 I became a member of DARC OV Frankfurt F05. 1972 I got my first callsign (DC2ZX). Some years later I learned cw and got my call sign changed to DF5FF. As guest calls in from the former yougoslavia I worked with the callsign YU7LEE and in french I was qrv with F0CHF. Today I spend my time with packet-radio and APRS where I own some digigpeaters like db0gv-7, db0kt and dl0ffw.

My actual location you will find here http://aprs.fi/df5ff-1


 I am also qrv from my bike.

DF5FF-4 bike APRS in the box, antenne lamda 5/8 f. 144,800
GPS Receiver, LC-Trak, batterie, MC-Micro  




At  January 1st 1964 I became member in the German amateur radio club DARC. I still found this document of identification from 1965.


My Packet Radio Digipeaters :

DB0GV APRS-DIGI + Gateway, DMR Hotspot
DB0KT APRS-DIGI, HAM-NET, DMR Repeater DL0FFW APRS 10m Digipeater

About the equipment for Packet Radio:

The Rhein-Main-Packet-Radio Controller RMNC
LC Mini Packet Modem LC Mini-Fax

Some useful Links:

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