The following stories / pictures are now online:

- operating ZA/DF4SA in CQ WPX CW 2006 (claiming new EU low power record 40m singleband)

- operating CS5A in CQ WPX CW 2005 (setting new EU record single op allband high power)

- story & pictures from UCG 2004 local WRTC style fieldday contest, near Chelyabinsk, UA9

- operating 9H3MM in CQ WPX CW 2004 (setting new EU low power record)

- operating 7X2ARA in CQ WW CW 2003

- operating CT3EE in CQ WPX CW 2003 (setting new low power World record)

- operating CT3EE in CQ WW CW 2002

- operating CS7T in CQ WW CW 2001 (setting new EU low power record)

CU in the contests :-) !!!