DC6WA             Norbert Sievers

Hello...   my Name is Norbert,

i live in a little town named Rastede - Wahnbek, north of the City of Oldenburg, west of Bremen.

The Location is  8°14´30" East;  53°11´ North / JO43DE   Zone 14

I´m Radioamateur since 1968. Member of DARC, OV Rastede  I 11

My hobbies are:

of course RADIO-AMATEUR (2m - 23 cm). I am responsible of DB0OLB 23cm FM Repeater

Motorbike, i drive a FlatTwin: BMW R80 (in Germany called -Gummikuh-)

Photografie, with Minolta XD7 and Rollei SL66

Astronomie, by the time only a little bit

and last, but not least: my family:

my wife Elke, my son Torsten, my daughter Kerstin and our dog Joye

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You want to know where i work?

 more Information about Rastede - Oldenburg?  more Information about Wahnbek?


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