Welcome to the home page of Dallas County ARES. This site will be used for disseminating information regarding ARES activities in Dallas County and the surrounding area.†

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Dallas County ARES and the Hiawatha Amateur Radio Club Repeater

145.190 negative offset 114.8 tone


The repeater is located 3 miles south of Perry on the Dallas County E-911 tower. The Iowa Repeater Council has given approval for the HARC repeater coordination at 145.190.negative offset, 114.8 tone. We offer our sincere thanks to the Dallas County E-911 Board for allowing us to use the antenna, feed line and tower space and to the Hiawatha Amateur Radio Club for allowing DC-ARES to utilize the repeater for each of the public service events we sponsor throughout the year. Click here for a link to info regarding the repeater.


Upcoming Public Service Events

We have several Public Service events scheduled in the upcoming months. Please refer to the Calendar page for more info.


Contact Bob Dittert if you are interested in serving or have any ideas.

ARES Assists during RAGBRAI

Dallas County ARES assisted officials during the visit of RAGBRAI to the city of Perry. Volunteers from DC ARES manned a secondary dispatch center monitoring and dispatching 4 channels for the Volunteer Services during the event. Two shifts of two operators each maintained a station provided by Spring Valley Radio of Perry where coordination of Food Services, Trash Pickup and Transportation occurred. The operators were also instrumental in executing the eventís Emergency Weather plan as a severe thunderstorm with high winds and heavy rain hit the area just before a scheduled

rock concert was to begin.


Iowa Traffic & Emergency Net

Iowa State Emergency Coordinator (SEC) Jim Moreland, W0BNW; has reinstituted the Iowa Traffic & Emergency Net. It is being held on 3970 kHz on Sunday evenings at 1800 hrs local time.



New DC-ARES Application

A new Dallas county ARES application form is available. Please contact Bob if you are interested in joining ARES in Dallas County.