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I'm working currently on a few projects with PICs.

I just (October 9, 2000) finished an "Engineer's assistent", developed by Voja Antonic (see Application Note 689 from Microchip Technology Inc.)

Click on the pictures to see them better.

Finished Open From the side

The PCB was made by the german company GS Electronic for me.

PCB top PCB bottom

The probe-tip is a pcb-test-tip with a spring inside. I bought it from Conrad, a big seller of electronic parts in Germany. The catalog number is 730742. The appropriate sleeve is 730874.

Tip top Tip bottom

Now (February 2002) one of the accumulators is "dead". I've added a spring and removed the PCB part between the two accumulators on either side. Now I'm able to use "normal" accumulators.
New accu New accu

Currently I'm thinking about a contrast regulation, because the lcd is too dark for me. Also in progress is a instrument case.

There is also a site from Erik Grindheim (LA9SJA) with a lot of useful information about this wonderful device.


Last Update: March 07, 2002