DB0FAI - FAI Beacon Located in JN58ic

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This is the QSL you will get if you send us a reception report of DB0FAI, as it is requested in the beacon's text. 


This map shows all the squares where DB0FAI was received until now and wherefrom we got QSL cards


DB0FAI: Beacon on 144.490MHz in JN58ci:

Wilhelm, DL5MCG and I are working to bring up our 144MHz beacon DB0FAI on 70cm and 23cm, too.
Its frequencies are as follows:


DB0FAI Picture Gallery: (you may klick on the pictures to get them in full resolution)

DB0FAI Cabinet Setup:
This is a close view of the transmitter section of DB0FAI:

The antenna of DB0FAI is mounted upon a food storage for cows


From the antenna, this is the view to north, to Langerringen and DL4MEA's QTH, which is 7km into this direction:

Some more pictures without further explanation:


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