The Bitburg American Radio Club (BARC)

Who are we?

The Bitburg American Radio club (BARC) is a group of American amateur radio operators who are living in Germany and come together to participate in amateur radio activities. The membership fluctuates significantly year-to-year primarily because of the normal rotation of military personnel back to the USA. BARC is located and operated generally in the area of Bitburg, Germany.

General history

There have been many American amateur radio clubs throughout the years located on Bitburg US Air Base, Germany. Each of them were morale and welfare military recreation clubs supporting the hams of the Bitburg military community. The last official amateur radio club on Bitburg Air Base was the Eifel Amateur Radio Club (EARC). EARC was issued the club callsign DA1BT in 1985. However, as a result of Bitburg US Air Base closing in October of 1994, membership declined significantly. So the remaining EARC membership elected to desolve EARC and create two smaller clubs, one on Bitburg Air Base and the other on Spangdahlem Air Base.

Two new organizations were formed: the American Contest Team (ACT) and the Team Eifel Amateur Radio Society (TEARS). The callsign DA1BT was subsequently reassigned to the American Contest Team, March 1996. At the same time, the members of TEARS applied for and obtained a new club callsign, DA1SP.

In the summer of 2001 the members of the American Contest Team decided to renamed their organization to "Bitburg American Radio Club (BARC)."

What activities is ACT involved in?

BARC primarily participates in three annual activities: the WPX contest, CQWW contest, and Jamboree-On-The-Air (JOTA) for Scouts worldwide. However, we are open to other amateur radio related activities and operations if there is enough support. If you are interested in supporting or operating with BARC, contact us with your suggestions.

Contact Information:


Packet radio: DA1BT @ LX0PAC.LUX.EU

Local call frequency: 144.725 Mhz simplex (PL 88.5)
Nearby repeaters: 439.150 (DB0LN) and 145.775 (DB0UT)

QSL via the DL-bureau.

Here are a few common frequencies where English-speaking hams in Germany are found:

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