PCISCC>4 High-Speed Network Card


The PCISCC>4 is a medium-speed four-port PCI compatible SCC (Serial Communication Controller) plugin card for connection of synchronous serial network devices, typically ham-radio modems. The card is based on the Siemens/Infineon DSCC-4 (PEB-20534H) multi protocol controller. It supports busmaster-DMA via 10 built-in DMA controllers and descriptor handling. Thus it can work at line speeds up to 52 Mbps. All four SCC cores and HDLC engines can be configured independently from each other. This includes clockmode settings (external/internal RX/TX clocks, DPLL (up to 2 Mbps) etc.) and channel coding (NRZ/NRZI/Manchester/FM0/FM1/CMI). As you can see it is quite flexible as far as configuration is concerned. This is why it is intended for use in PC node controller systems.

The card can be used in the following systems environments:

PCISCC Linux drivers

These drivers were developed by Jens David DG1KJD and Jean-Paul Roubelat F6FBB and are tested against the latest kernel patches of the v2.6 source-tree.


PCISCC FlexNet drivers

The drivers were developed specifically for PCI bus based SCC cards, that are based on the PEB-20534H DSCC4 controller by Siemens (Infineon).

Limitations: Download:

Under Windows NT, please copy the extracted files into the Flexnet folder. The device driver is loaded automatically, when you add the PCISCC driver in the parameter window. Configuration is slightly different under Windows 2000. For low-level driver installation, you have to use the Device Manager, which should report an unknown network controller, after the card is inserted into the system for the first time. Please select "Other Driver" and specify the location of the extracted PCISCC driver files. Without this procedure the low-level driver will not be installed and Flexnet will not be able to access the card. The file "pciscc.dll" is identical for both WinNT and Win2000 installation and should always be located in the Flexnet folder.

Source Code

The source code of the PCISCC>4 drivers is freely avaliable and you can use/modify it for your own projects. Only restriction is that you may not distribute new versions of the drivers without contacting the author. Please note, that the Flexnet driver interface is copyrighted by Gunter Jost, DK7WJ. The windows NT/2000 drivers require at least Microsoft Visual Studio 5 and DDK version 5 or later for a successful build, whereas the DOS version compiles fine using stoneage Borland C 3.1.

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