Flag of Paraguay
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Tourism information

Paraguay is a beautifull Country with many green zones, many trees and flowers, if you come in sprint you will see the "Lapacho Trees" with his Rose, yelow or withe flowers version !!
* In Asunción you can find, Stores, nices Restorants, Big Shoppings , And the beatutifull buildings of colonial styles in many place of Asunción.
* 300 km from Asunción you can visit the Iguacu Falls one of the wonder of the World.
* Also you can visit in the same trip the biggest Electrical Usina "Itaipu" that is site in Ciudad del Este very near from the falls.
* The Ypacaray Lake is about 50 km from Asunción with his nice beaches and several others atractions.
* The Jesuitics Ruines is about 300 Km south of Asunción.
* You can enjoy the Chaco Paraguayo with his several Menonites  and German colonies,
All the places above have nice hotels, you can go by plane, bus or car.



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