Macquarie Island
QSLs Received & Search Log

Check here to know if your application for the AX0LD QSL has already arrived.


Alan (VK0MM) has nominated the CW Sao Paulo Group (CWSP) as his QSL manager for the one day AX0LD operation from Macquarie Island and declines to accept any excess monies from the QSLing process. Instead, he requests that stations wishing to obtain a AX0LD QSL each make a small donation to cover the postal costs, the remainder to be donated to a nominated charity.

CWSP will be supplying and covering the costs of printing the QSL cards and has nominated the Children's Cancer Hospital of Sao Paulo as the receipient. At the end of the QSLing process, all incoming monies minus postal costs will be presented to them with a card saying "From the international Amateur Radio community as a mark of thanks to Alan Cheshire who operated from Macquarie Island as AX0LD on 26th January 2000". CWSP will also make public the accounts. Any extra donation you may wish to make to the Children's Cancer Hospital of Sao Paulo will be sincerely appreciated.

Sao Paulo CW Group, PY2GCW
PO Box 1807
Sao Paulo, SP 01059-970


Alan is still on the air signing as VK0MM and will remain on the island untill November 2000. Due to his work commitments he is on the air only during the hours pointed on his web page. Please check his schedule operating times before call him.
Please note that the VK0MM & VK0LD QSL route will be announced on Alan's web page latter this year.

Donation FAQ

Q:How can I be sure that my money was forwarded to the Children's Cancer Hospital ?
A: Very easy. Ask to your close friends A, B and C how much money did they send. Keep the answers with you then e-mail the CWSP asking how much the stations A, B and C have sent. Comparing the results you'll be sure that the CWSP has received that amount. Check the grand total that will be public on this web page and ask the Antonio Prudente Foundation how much they did receive from the international amateur radio comunity and will have the answer.

Q:I have sent my money to the Children's Cancer Hospital but seems the money is being sent to the Antonio Prudente Foundation. What does it really mean?
A: The Antonio Prudente Foundation is an ancient instution that has been fighting against the cancer disease since a long a time. This foundation runs the Cancer Hospital in Sao Paulo which has a wing entirely dedicated to the children's cancer. This wing, known as Children's Cancer Hospital, will be the final receipient.

Q:Before I send my money I'd like to know a little bit more about the Antonio Prudente Foundation. Where can I find more detailed information about that?
A: Just click here. If you need more detailed information please fell free to either write or fax to:

Fundacao Antonio Prudente
Rua Prof. Antonio Prudente, 211
Sao Paulo, SP 01509-900
Telephone: 005511-3272-5000
Fax: 005511-3272-5099

Q:I do want to make a large contribution and I'm affraid to send my money inside a regular mail. How do I have to proceed?
A: You may send your check to either the above address or to PY2YP's home address:
Cesar Augusto C Rodrigues
Al Min Rocha Azevedo, 495 AP 121
Sao Paulo 01410-001
Depending upon the amount is highly recommended to send your letter via registered air mail.
Alternatively you may deposit your donation to the Fundacao Antonio Prudente bank account:
Fundacao Antonio Prudente
Banco do Brasil - Agencia 1894-5
account number: 176.960-X
Q:Will I receive a receipt?
A: Yes. The receipt will obey the model bellow:


US$ ___________

This is to confirm the receipt from .................. or a deposit/check nr........ dated....... , ........ against the ....... Bank for the above value of US$ ........... (........... dollars) as a donation to the Fundacao Antonio Prudente.

Sao Paulo, ........

Finance Director