Chattooga Area Scanner List:   (Updated 05-14-01)

RECEIVE                   SERVICE

146.565	    Two Meter Simplex that you can catch us on.
147.135	    The N4BZK 2-Meter Repeater in Dalton Ga.
147.225	    The CWARC 2-Meter Repeater in Summerville
147.270	    The FortPayne 2-Meter Repeater in FortPayne AL.
147.320	    The CCARC 2-Meter Repeater in Cherokee Co. Alabama.
151.130         Walker Co. Sheriff (Repeater)
153.410         Summerville City Fire Dept (Repeater) 
153.740         Prisons
153.995         Summerville Police (Repeater)
154.070         Chattooga Co. Fire Channel 2 (Fire Ground)
154.175         Walker Co. Fire and Rescue
154.280         Georgia Mutual Aid ( Fire Depts.)
154.370         Rome Fire and Rescue (Repeater)
154.680         Georgia State Patrol
154.800         Georgia State Patrol
154.845         Chattooga Co. Fire
154.905         Sheriff (Georgia State Wide)
154.935         Sheriff (Georgia State Wide)
155.070         Chattooga Co. Sheriff (Repeater)
155.340         Hospitals Nationwide 
155.910         GSP Metro Atlanta
158.850         Rome Police
159.360         Georgia Forestry Service
159.390         Georgia Forestry Service
159.690         Chattooga EMS (Repeater)
162.450	    NOAA WEATHER RADIO in Summerville 

444.225	    The KS4QM 440 Repeater in Summerville
453.300         Floyd Co. Police (Repeater)
453.325         Chattooga Co. Govt (Repeater)
453.500         Floyd Co. Police (Repeater)
453.700         Floyd Co. Police (Repeater)
461.725         Business Repeater

This list is of the more common frequencies in service.  There are some more interesting 
frequencies in the 150mhz to 160 mhz range that you can find by the search function on 
your scanner.  On the new scanners with the installed tone boards, you might want the
associated CTCSS tones with the listed frequencies.

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