Member Roster w/E-Mail

Cardin, Bobby*********W4VQL**********[email protected]
Childs, Al*************N4KTO**********[email protected]
Cobb, Mike A.*********KS4QM**********[email protected]
Collette, John**********AF4XZ*********[email protected]
Durham, Wayne********KG4GJZ*********[email protected]
Fortenberry, Jerry******W4RLP**********[email protected]
Jones, Randy*********KF4PXC***********[email protected]
Kell,Denny************K4DK***********[email protected]
Spraggins, Charlie****WB4REX*********[email protected]
Waddell, Steve*********KF4JQI**********[email protected]

I will add your name to the list if you are a member of the club and indicate that you want your name, call, and E-Mail listed.

Updated: June 23, 2000
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