W1EE/R    146.055 in;   146.655 out    PL- 100 Hz
W1EE/R    442.125 in;   447.125 out    PL- 114.8

Greater Norwalk Amateur Radio Club ( GNARC)   147.390
Next GNARC Meeting  Wednesday March 13, 2002. 8:00 PM
Check out orbital data: Shuttle, Space Station. J-Track
Stamford Red Cross DIRECTIONS Map


Meetings are held on the first Thursday of every month on the 4th floor cafeteria at the Stamford Government Center. Tresser and Washington  Blvd.  Meeting  starts at  8:00  PM.  All are welcome.
(SARA) is tax-exempt 501 (c) (3) org. By-Laws    Directions / MAP
Emergency Service Make sure your Emergency call out list is in a save place and where you can find it.    UPDATE SOON!
New Membership   2001 has been published. 
Mayor Of Norwalk                                                                  
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SARA - VE Exams Sessions At the Stamford Government Center. Map
Exams will be Sat. May, 11 the 4th floor Cafeteria. Stamford Government  Center.             9:30 AM. More information  e-mail Marv N1AWJ.     Licenses Information                     Secure License Renewal  System         ARRLExam Search.       Tech. Text        
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     General Text       Extra Text       Extra pdf      VE- Exam Mailing List
Westchester County New York VE Exam Schedule for 2002.
New Ham Radio Question Pool Effective On July 2002 ARRL New Question Pool.

Stamford Amateur Radio Association
Next Meeting Thru. March. 7, 2002  Stamford Government Center
Empire Slow Speed Net    NEW!
Tech Class. Starting Friday Feb. 22, 7:00 pm  Stamford Red Cross. Preregistration .      986 Bedford St. Stamford.  Map
Contact: Andy Laska  203- 531- 9493    Join The Mailing List
Join the Empire Slow Speed CW Net every evening on 3.590 KHz at 6 PM local time. CW speed is between 6 and 8 wpm.  A great way to improve your CW proficiency and learn net operation. Joe W1LUH is one of the rotating Net control stations.

Contact: Andy KA1SLG If you are interested in building this kit. You can send CW threw the repeater. Others will be able to build this device or others could just copy the CW. You     can build a simple oscillator for your HT.  More information on: HT Practice Oscillator.  

SARA Net: Sunday 8:00 pm. Stamford 2 meter repeater. 146.655 / - 600 PL-100 Hz.  All are welcome.  Amateur Radio News Line will be played.

Have a HF radio or antenna tuner collecting dust!  Just add it to the Message board. You can include a URL or a graphic below the message.  All messages are e-mailed to you. 

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